Thursday, February 17, 2011

Time to make babies !! !! !!

My first word was "Swag"

This doesn't necessarily have anything to do with hip-hop.. well, I guess that depends on your choice of mood music. Either way, I felt it was my duty to let you know you need to start getting busy if you want your seed to sprout on 11/11/2011 :
"Break out the candles, romantic music and a bottle of wine, and put away the birth control. For couples hoping for a baby with the century's most memorable birthday, 11/11/11, Friday's the day to conceive. The next date with the same six numbers will be Nov. 11, 2111."
"For those who have their hearts set on a specific birthdate, the odds aren't bad. Those under 35, Hill said, have a 1 in 5 chance. Mama wannabes over 35 have a 10 percent chance."
Now don't say I never put you up on game. Read the full article at And please, be selective with your booty calls folkers. And if I don't answer my celly tomorrow, you're too late mate! Im probably slapping this:

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