Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Green Light Jerky - %30 off Black Friday and More Great Reviews

Head over to Green Light Jerky to get %30 percent for everyone's favorite shopping day (Black Friday). I'm definitely taking advantage of this deal to stock up on my 2012 jerky supply. Just type in black for the coupon code.

Cow Hound has a review of the Klapper's bombs ass jerky on their website.

"The owner, Matthew Klapper, started accidentally selling jerky through a hip hop forum. He couldn’t find jerky he liked, started making some and told his fellow hip-hoppers about it. .

As the site says …

“We were sick of the boring pedestrian flavors that came in every bag of jerky. We were also tired of all the extra stuff we found in those bags of jerky! What started out as a search for some good jerky turned into a passion for making the best beef and turkey jerky available. Sometimes you need to step in and show others how it should be done.”

He had a lot more flavors in the beginning like ginger cilantro, vodka onion and root beer fire. I hope, as GLJ grows, more of the unusual flavors will come back. I’m still hoping for buffalo chicken wing for poultry jerky. There are no preservatives or junk in it

People wanted to try it … a company is born. Reading that thread has been a lot of fun."

Check out the rest of the review here.

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