Monday, November 1, 2010

Beef - Hammer Goes At Jay

Alright, now I think I can say that no one saw this beef coming. Hammer was apparently not feelin' the jab that Jay threw his way on that new Kanye track "So Appalled" I just came across this at Fiddy's site:

"King Hammer dropped a video titled "Better Run Run" this morning November 1. In it Hov, whom Hammer has given the nickname "hellboy", is seen running from satan, as Hammer raps about him selling his soul.

He suggests Beyonce, fame and wealth were a part of the package, and Jay-Z's signature diamond Roc sign is a salute to the devil.

At the video's end Hammer, now a Christian preacher baptizes Jigga, saving him from a fiery fate."

Gotta say, this track is pretty ill, I didn't expect Hammer to be droppin' a track, let alone a video too. Rep the bay Hammer.

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