Friday, August 6, 2010

Bun B's Trill O.G. recieves 5 Mics from the Source

I've been listening to this album for the last couple of days and it's pretty illy. I'm not sure if it's quite 5 mics illy, but time will tell. The true classics are the albums you listen to 10 years after they came out and it still gives you that feeling. For example, UGK Riding Dirty, still as dope today as the day it came out, maybe even doper.

"For every album labeled a classic, there are dozens of others that people feel deserve the honor. So I realize that people now feel they have to place my album next to others that they feel were more impactful, and argue their case. With social networking being as prevalent as it is in our society, these arguments now take place in a very public arena, which in order to be heard, you often have to be very opinionated and abrasive to stand out. So people, while having no personal hate or malice towards me, will make very loud arguments about The Source’s decision, and the loudest ones will probably get the most attention."

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