Thursday, July 22, 2010

Green Light Jerky Blowin UP!

"Most beef jerky, says Klapper, is dosed with liquid smoke, artificial flavorings and sweeteners, but Klapper and his wife, who started their business out of their kitchen just a couple of years ago, dreamed of a better jerky. A happier jerky. The kind they liked to eat. Now they've got more than 60 flavored jerkies in development. Klapper's favorite? No. 21. Um, not for sale just yet. So Klapper offers up No. 3, a chipotle spiked dried beef dubbed "A Bit Spicy"

Green Light has been makin the best damn jerky around for years, so it's nice to see them blowin it up. Both Kuervo and myself would take Green Light over any jerky any day, no contest, shit's bomb. Much props to the Klappers.

Check out Green Light Jerky here and cop the book here

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